Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A journey to freedom!

The German Shepherd , unwanted & abandoned for being aggressive at the shelter locked up in a kennel 24/7.
On his way out inside the net to a faraway unknown place.

Handle with Care? yeah right!

With Dogguru Amrut in his farm!

Was this the same guy who we were all afraid to touch.

This guy who was abandoned by his owners was locked up in a kennel 24/7. Everybody was afraid of him & he, of everybody. He was fed but did not get the other things that a dog requires to survive.
BBMP officials had asked the NGO to put it down & had started pressurising them. So the NGO requested TGIDPA volunteers to help them sort it out.

A first hand account from Jaysal Jagadish who had taken this up with so much commitment
After repeated request from us to take up the case of the German Shepherd which was about to be put down by Sarvodaya
on the pressure from BBMP officials we have successfully saved his life.
It was really great of Amrut to take this up personally and making sure the dog is not put down.
Sarvodaya provided 3 catchers and 1 driver with who i went along to Amruts Farm / School
The dog was very aggressive when he was got to the farm in a dog catching net. Amrut was immediately
 alarmed to see the dog in a net and asked the Sarvodaya workers to tie a chain and remove him out of the net.
As the catchers were afraid of the dog Amrut and his team took over and got the dog out of the net and immediately
the dog became friendly and started wagging its tail and went along with Amrut and his team for a walk. Later he was fed
and his training started immediately.

He will be well taken care of both health wise and behavior wise as he has been traumatized at the shelter without a walk or
proper food for nearly 2 and half months.

We thank Amrut the Dog guru for his responsiveness and taking up responsibility of the German shepherd who will spend the rest of his life at his Farm or if he finds a good home will get adopted.
Best of luck to him and a big thanks to Amrut.

After seeing him, I really wonder, is it the dog that needs training or are we humans really the ones who could do with some training!

P.S - He was neutered at the request of Dogguru Amrut & was not subjected to any training methods that included aggression or punishments!   He is in a happier place for sure!

We thank Dog guru Amrut for showing interest & helping us rehabilitate him! He busted some myths about dog training & trainers.It just took him a few minutes to sort us out!
A Big thank you to Jaysal Jagadish for being so committed to every single dog that he encounters. It's from him that I have learnt that every dog counts! :)


  1. Fabulous. When humans are intelligent with animals, everybody benefits.

  2. God bless everyone who has put in efforts to help this adorable fellow! Has he been named yet?

    Jagdish, you dedication has left me speechless and overwhelmed!

    I would really like to visit the farm to meet the new farmer someday!

  3. God bless you! :) Guru Amrut :)

  4. I had seen the GS when I had gone to sarvodaya. Amrut great job. We need more people like him. There are more dogs which are left abandoned.

  5. Awesome !!

    May be I missed it, but where is this farm ? Can we visit him anytime ?