Friday, May 18, 2012

The sheer normalcy of being animal friendly.

Have you ever felt that you are singled out in some way for being this oddball wacko animal friendly person? Have you been questioned  about why you cant do something for poor little kids instead?  Do you see people make faces or say eeeeeeeeeew when that little friendly dog by the canteen ambles up to you & you respond with a gentle pat on his head?
Some of my colleagues think I am a little eccentric/ abnormal.
A typical conversation
" So what did you do over the weekend?"
" Nothing much, I went to the shelter, spent some time, took some of them for a walk, fed all of them some treats. That's about it"
Even before I reach mid sentence, I see the expression changing, They stop listening.

" okay, whatever, go to a disc man, go have some fun"

A week passes by

"So what did u do over the weekend"
" Nothing much"
Another scene:
Me looking at my monitor, doing some random thing,

" What are you doing? Some dog thing? You & your dogs!"

me continuing to do whatever it was I was doing.

How I miss friends I've made who love animals just like me in times like these.
Sample conversation:
"What did you do over the weekend?"
"went to the shelter."
"Damn, I missed it this week."

I dont spend time with animals because I want to feel Ive done some great job or to prove that Im mother Teresa.
It just makes me feel good. I have fun over the weekends just being around them. I also have my share of some normal socializing, but it's never as much fun as being with dogs & animal lovers.
We all speak the same language & we dont make faces at each other. How normal I feel. :)

Someday when I decide it's time to stop being around abnormal people, I'll quit my job. :)
till then I'll say

It's a dog thing! You won't get it!

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  1. I know what you mean ! - You sound like my alter ego --.. People never get it and I thought I was alone, the only one who felt like that ..

    I can't see them in pain, unfortunately, I don't feel the same for humans ! I mean, I feel bad if I see someone in trouble, but my heart bleeds when I see any animal in pain :( ..